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Good Intent Fire Co. New Philadelphia PA

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Flood of 2006
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 On Tuesday June 27th, after days of heavy rain, streams and rivers in Schuylkill County began to overflow their banks. This included the creek that flows through New Philadelphia, which is actually begining of the Schuykill river.   A few basements  were flooded by the stream but we were spared the devastation that occurred to municipalities downstream and in other parts of the county.  Port Carbon, Schuylkill Haven, Cressona, and Gilberton were especially hard hit.  Our close neighbors in Port Carbon started taking on water early Tuesday afternoon and the rain didn't stop until Wednesday morning, some times falling at a rate of 2 inches an hour.  Mutual aid was called from all parts of the county to assist in the hardest hit areas.  New Philadelphia fire department was called to help out in Port Carbon, Blythe Township, and Middleport.  The pagers didn't stop until Thursday evening.  Most of the time our units were tied up in our own borough but when we would get a break we would assist our mutual aid companies.  These are some pictures of New Philadelphia after the rain stopped.  

Thank you to everyone who helped us and the residents effected by the flood Kaska and Cumbola fire companies.